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We are a Multiple Gateway (Dissociative identity disorder) System called Infinite Star Collective.
We are all our own separate people even if some of us are split from others we aren’t all from a single person, we have always been a system as far as we know or remember. We aren't "personalities or Alters, we see ourselves as family, friends and system mates, we don't all get along. We all have our own disabilities, likes, dislikes, allergies and so on. We have a very developed multiverse where we reside. We call that world our home-world and we have what we call a fronting house with separate rooms to front in the body, they are both difficult to explain. We are very connected to our home world and can be affected by things that happen there when we are fronting here. Things on earth are different for us than what things are like in our home-world, but both are a part of us and we cannot keep our home-world separate from our lives on earth. Every Multiple system is different, so what is true for us and our world may be different for another.

We have been asked if we all front at the same time all the time, we sometimes front with a fair few of us together, sometimes it is one or two of us and sometimes it is just one of us. Most the time it will be just one or two of us, and others watching from inside. We can fit up to 50 souls in our main fronting room, though we never have actually attempted to do so.

The body we reside in has multiple disabilities and chronic illnesses and we use a wheelchair. Being multiple however means that how the bodies disabilities affect us will be different depending on who is fronting at the time. Because we are each our own separate souls, we each have our own tastes, desires, disabilities, mental illnesses and allergies that are separate to what affects the body directly, this is also complicated to explain and we would only explain it in full to friends.

We have no desire to integrate into a single person, to us that would mean you would be killing part of our close family and we wouldn’t cope with that. We also do not know of a core or host person that integration would make possible with our system; we have never had a single person interacting alone with the world. We have presented as a singlet (Tithen) in the past but that was never a single one of us, we all interacted with the world while hiding who we really were which was painful, depressing and difficult for us to do.

Many of us are in a relationship with our life partner, he is generally good with us and never forces things that any of us don't want or like. Many of us are polyamorous and seeking other relationships. Some of us are single and looking and everything in between. We all have our own individual gender and sexual identity. When presenting as a singlet the body is: polyamorous, pansexual, genderfluid/genderqueer, and most of us are into some form of kink or BDSM.

There is a lot more to us than this, if you want to know more about any of us then please do message us and let us know who you wish to be talking to, we are all always open to genuine questions and explaining about ourselves.

We are all happy to talk to anyone about anything; we are generally open and understanding of any differences so feel free to message us if you need to chat, ask questions or anything else.

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